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Ordering a Bouncy Castle: Safety Matters There can be no doubt about the fact

Posted on January 31 2013 in bouncy castle hire bolton, bouncy castle hire stockport

Ordering a Bouncy Castle: Safety Matters

There can be no doubt about the fact

There can be no doubt about the fact that these inflatable play structures have come a long way since the manufacturing of the Space Walk, the very first appearance of these structures in the market, and, with the ever increasing popularity of the inflatables, the bouncy castle hire Bolton agencies have started to stock up on newer and newer varieties of these toy structures. Back then, these structures were nothing like the ones that are seen in such profusion today, be it in terms of looks or safety. In fact, the very early ancestors of the modern bouncy castle were quite a health and safety hazard, considering that they neither had the side walls, nor did they have the crash mats that are positioned today to catch the over enthusiastic jumping kid inside the castle. Needless to say, back then, there were not as many varieties available as they are today, and the kids had to be contented with the few that had been introduced to the market.

Changes Down the Ages

Quite a few accidents later, the manufacturers of the bounce houses devised certain changes in the structure of the castles. The new variety of bounce houses were designed with side walls that completely curtailed the risk of the kids falling out of the sides if they lost control while jumping inside. This also let the structure a lot more support, making them less susceptible to toppling over under the weight of the children. Along with these changes, the government also implemented some safety measures regarding the manufacturing of these toys, and it became mandatory for the bouncy castle hire Stockport agencies to stock products that adhered to the given regulations. Moreover, certain regulations were implemented for the leasing agencies as well; it became compulsory for these agencies to make sure that the structures are installed with crash mats placed in the opening, so that anyone toppling out lands on a soft place, minimising risk of injuries.

Makers and Sellers Alike

Apart from the safety measures that the government implemented regarding the inflatable play structures, the leasing agencies are also responsible for the safety of their own products as well as of their clients. Therefore, it is advisable that anyone looking for an agency that leases these structures choose the one that provides their clients with a set of rules and regulations regarding the safe use of these bouncy castles. A reliable bouncy castle hire Bolton agency will, without a doubt, make sure that their products are in perfect shape, and that the users of the products are not likely to be in any danger.

Conducting an Interview

While looking for a reliable bouncy castle leasing agency, it is advisable that a face to face interview is conducted with the personnel of the organisation. During this interview, make sure that you ask a few questions regarding the maintenance of safety by the agency. A highly important point that you need to clarify with the concerned bouncy castle hire Stockport agency is whether they provide crash mats along with the products. It should be kept in mind that kids are the most frequent users of these structures, and jumping out of the castle in enthusiasm is a possibility that must be taken into account. A crash mat is indispensable in such a situation.

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