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Exciting Themes on Offer by Bouncy Castle Companies

Posted on April 26 2016 by Jesi Smith in Insured Bouncy Castles, bouncy castle hire company, bouncy castle hire Rugby

Exciting Themes on Offer by Bouncy Castle Companies

Generally, weddings are extravagant affairs. Venues are decorated in a lavish manner and bouncy castles fit the décor perfectly. It is quite common to find such inflatable castles in several functions, especially in big functions like weddings. Bouncy castle hire Rugby is installed in full coordination with striking themes related to the weddings.

Wedding marquee castle

You cannot imagine how much fun people derive from a jumpy bouncy castle inside the wedding venue, unless you install one. If you are of the opinion that these jumper zones are just for kids and little ones, you are absolutely wrong. Adult bouncy castles are also available nowadays that enhances the overall fun quotient in any party. A marquee castle is one in which you and your guests will easily accommodate without worrying about space crunches. Jumping with the newly wedded ones can be so much fun, especially when the castles are dolled up in bright colors and interesting themes.

Love themed castles

The love themed castles are quite popular among bouncy castle hiring companies and they are hired for numerous purposes, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. whatever be the occasion, and how much romantic it is, these units are just perfect to celebrate any special day of your life. The units are full of stars and heart symbols that runs through the entire length and breadth of the castles. This makes the castle extremely appealing and exciting for guests who wants to enjoy a bumpy ride.

Newlywed’s castle

Colored in two shades, newlywed’s castle looks extremely classy and attractive. They are not only perfect for kids but adults too. They are mostly sought after by couples who want to make their pictures unique and funny. You just need to hop on a bouncy castle to get clicked in the most fascinating manner by a photographer. This photographer may ask you to pose randomly on the air, above the ground and in different locations.

Bridesmaid castle

These castles are colored in the hues of dresses of the bridesmaids. It is also quite famous and widely sought after castle theme, and the specialty of this slot is to decide the theme, based on what bridesmaids decide to wear. If the gowns that they have decided to wear are very gaudy then the castle can be painted in the same colour, but a lighter version of it.

With so many options at hand and a wide array of bouncy castles available in the market, finding the right Bouncy castle hire Rugby was never so difficult to decide. Take time to choose a castle of your type and choice, because hasty decisions often lead to wrong choices and later regrets. So, refrain from it and choose one castle wisely to glam up the whole party event.

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